Case Study: Fix & Flip Bridge Loan- Foundationally Different Lending!

Case Study: Fix & Flip Bridge Loan- Foundationally Different Lending!

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Foundation Case Study:

As a solo real estate investor, you have complete control over your investments, from the target acquisition to financing options to the overall strategic business plan. And, as rewarding as investing in real estate can be, going it alone can be challenging and risky at times. In this Foundation-funded case study, we highlight an investment by a real estate investor who embarked on a first solo investment venture, accompanied by the solid support of our team, to ensure a successful transaction.



Located in sunny Orlando, Florida, our client transformed this distressed single-family property yielding an exceptional return on investment, a testament to the investor's knowledge and a strong value add plan.


Purchased for $250k with a rehab budget of $38k, the property's After Repair Value (ARV) jumped to $380k, an impressive 58% Return on Equity after leveraging a Foundation loan.


Expert Market Insights:

One of the key advantages of partnering with Foundation is gaining access to our team's expert market insights. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of the real estate landscape enabling investors to make informed decisions about target acquisitions.


Flexible Financing Solutions:

At Foundation, we aim to empower real estate investors to take on solo investments, achieve portfolio growth, and expand their capital base. We accomplish this through our #FoundationallyDifferent loans and swift closings for purchasing, rehabbing, or ground-up construction projects.


Continued Support:

Our commitment to our clients doesn't end at closing. We continue to offer support and guidance even after the transaction has closed. As real estate investors, we share our knowledge and expertise to help our clients achieve portfolio growth and successfully navigate future investments.


Your Success is Our Success:

In this case study, the partnership between the real estate investor client and our dedicated Foundation team exemplifies the power of collaboration in achieving success through personalized strategies, market insights, comprehensive data and analytics, and flexible financing solutions.