Our Leadership

Chris Crovatto

John Seeburger

Patrick McClain

Foundation CREF (“Foundation”) led by real estate finance and investment professionals, Chris Crovatto, John Seeburger, and Patrick McClain. The Foundation team is dedicated to building a fully integrated lending and property acquisition platform for the single-family rental and fix and flip investment community.

Chris and John have worked together for over 20 years building loan origination and underwriting platforms at Bank of America, Heller Financial, GE Capital, GMAC Commercial Mortgage, Capmark, and Babcock & Brown. Together, they have been directly responsible for over $3 billion in loan transactions on properties ranging from single-family homes to complex commercial portfolios totaling hundreds of millions. In recent years, the two have partnered to raise equity capital for and invest in residential and commercial real estate projects and operating companies, including Foundation’s largest shareholder AMIP as well as the Foundation platform. Patrick joined the Leadership team in 2021 to help scale both the Lending and PropertyPortal™ businesses. Patrick has served in a variety of senior leadership roles building operations for GMAC, Atlas Nationwide, Auction.com, and Hubzu.

Chris and John oversee the marketing of all pre-market properties and the origination of all new loans at Foundation. Together with Patrick, they direct an in-house team of experienced transaction coordinators, loan underwriters, and closing specialists who are poised and ready to close your next acquisition or loan fast! You can call Chris or John with your next deal and know that you are speaking to a decision-maker who will ensure that your loan gets the attention and care it deserves: (562) 386-0450.

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